The department of Economic Information Management, as the precursor of information school, was founded in 1978.
It is the first department whose mission is to educate professionals applying information technology to economic management field in China.
The department of Computer Science and Technology was founded in 1999. Its predecessor, the Institute of Data and Knowledge Engineering, had been offering undergraduate courses and a master’s program in computer applications since 1978. It has been known for its significant contributions and outstanding achievements in the research area of database system.
The Department of Mathematics was established in 1998. The Department of Mathematics is focusing on conducting applied and theoretical research in the areas of mathematics, economics and other related disciplines, aiming at the applications of mathematics in economics, finance, and other related social sciences subjects.
The Institute of Data and Knowledge Engineering, a unit of Renmin University of China, is a high-tech academic institution concerned with education, research, applications and development in the database field. Since its establishment in 1987, the institute has always been at the forefront of the discipline.
Institute of Management Science and Engineering is a research group in Information School at Renmin University of China. Its research interest is mainly on the application of Modern IT in various areas, including Management Information System, Decision Support System, etc.