In early 1978, some famous scholars in our university, such as Prof. Sa Shixuan, Prof. Jiang Zhao, Prof. Chen Yunian, Prof. Wei Qingyu, and Prof. Zhao Shuyuan, proposed to create a new education program which focus on theapplication of information technology to economics and social science. It was the first time that such an education program was established in mainland China, and an Economic Information Management department was named.

In 1994, the department of economic information management was integrated with the computing center of the university. The School of Information was thus founded.

Now, the School of Information provides three academic programs for undergraduate students, which are computer science and technology, management science and engineering, mathematics and applied mathematics. We focus on the application of mathematics and information technology in the field of economic management and social science. The unique feature of our programs is the cross-discipline environment to train our students. The School of Information also provides various academic programs for graduated students from science, engineering to management science. It provides seven Master degree programs and two Doctor degree programs. They are Master of Engineering in Information Management, Computer Science and Computer Application, Master of Science in System Theory, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Probabilities and Mathematical Statistics, Doctor of engineering in computer application, and Doctor of Economics in Mathematical Economics. The faculty of the School devotes significant efforts to scientific research. Most of their research projects are supported by national-level research programs, such as, the 7th, 8th and 9th 10th national five-year plans, Natural Science Foundation of China, the "863" High-Tech. Program and the "973" Basic Research Program. The faculty also serves as consultants to decision-making and management of information service in enterprises. They developed one of the best commercial general-purpose database management systems (Kingbase ES). Their research on database technology, information systems, and Mathematical Economics fields has gained world-wide reputation. The faculty of the School has published more than twenty text books. Some of them has been widely adopted in Chinese universities, and won top-level awards. The text books include “Series of Advanced Mathematics”, “An Introduction to Database Systems”, and “General Operations Research”, etc. The school has established strong connections and cooperation with the top-level international universities and academic organizations in America, Canada, France, Norway, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

The school has more than 100 staff members, including 15 professors, and 30 associate professors. The total enrollment is about 900, including nearly 300 graduate students. Until now, around 1500 bachelor students, 200 master students, and 50 Ph.D students have graduated from our school. They are welcomed by variety enterprises and organizations due to their excellent mathematics and information technology skill training. Many of them have become famous scholars or elites in their fields.

Dean of the School :

 Prof. SA Shixuan (1978-1989)

 Prof. PIAO Shunyu (1989-1993)

 Prof. CHEN Yu (1993-2000)

 Prof. WANG Shan (2000-2004)

 Prof. DU Xiaoyong(2004- )


 Computer Science and Technology

 Economic Information Management

 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


 Institute of Data and Knowledge Engineering

 Institute of Management Science and Engineering

 Institute of OR and Mathematical Economics Research Laboratory

 Key Laboratory of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, MOE

 The Research Center of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, MOE

Educational Laboratory:

 IT education laboratory

 Economic Science Laboratory