Du Xiaoyong
Born in 1963, Ph.D (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Dean of School of Information Science Laboratory, Director of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering. Professor, Computer Application Technology Professional Liability.
Party Secretary
Chen Hong
Born in May 1965, Ph.D, professor. Members Database Professional Committee of China Computer Society Professional Committee sensor networks. Hosted and participated in major national special projects, 973 projects.
Associate Dean
Meng Xiaofeng
Born in 1964, Ph.D, Professor. He was appointed director of the Computer Society of China Computer Federation database committee members, secretary, office automation and other committee vice chairman.
Associate Dean
Zuo Meiyun
Professor of Economics, Department of Information Management, Master Instructor (School of Information Management Science and Engineering), Doctoral Tutor (School of Economics and Technology Management)
Associate Dean (Recruits)
Wen Jirong
Ph.D, professor, national "People Plan" distinguished expert, served as program committee member and chairman of many international conferences and seminars, deputy editor of ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS).
Associate Dean (Recruits)
Lou Yuan
University of Minnesota, Dr. Math, national "People Plan" distinguished expert, president of Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Renmin University of China , professor of mathematics at Ohio State University.
Deputy Party Secretary
Zhang Guofu
Former director of the Office of School of Information, Youth League secretary, sending Assistant Minister of Xinjiang Mission District schools. Outstanding member and excellent instructor of Renmin University of China, Outstanding sending worker of Xinjiang Communist Youth League Committee, the Communist Youth League Central "outstanding group of cadres"
The Communist Party of China Information Institute of Renmin University of China committee
( in order of strokes of Chinese characters )
Zuo Meiyun: Commissary in charge of organization
Xu Wei: Commissary in charge of publicity
Sun Yalin: Youth committee
Du Xiaoyong: Member of the United Front
Zhang Guofu: Safety and security committee
Chen Hong: Disciplinary monitor
Ke Yuanyuan: Faculty member
( The photo of Chinese Communist Party Committee of the Ninth Commission Information School )
Front row from left: Chen Hong, Lin Yi ( former party secretary ), Du Xiaoyong
Back row from left: Sun Yalin, Ke Yuanyuan, Zuo Meiyun, Xu Wei, Zhang Guofu