Du Xiaoyong
Dean, School of Information
Professor of Computer Science
Born in 1963, Ph.D (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Dean of School of Information Science Laboratory, Director of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering. Professor, Computer Application Technology Professional Liability.

Welcome to the School of Information at the Renmin University of China!

From its founding in the late 70s, as the first education program on Information System in China, to its national ranking today, the School of Information has always been a trailblazer in information science academics and research.

From its early focus on providing a broad educational experience, to its current offering of three undergraduate degree, ten Master degree, two PhD degree and one Postdoctoral research programs, the education of the School of Information is grounded in the basics but also explores the newest technologies and advancements.

Our vibrant community, comprised of researchers and educators as well as industry-leading scholars, explores innovative topics ranging from building database management systems on chips smaller than your finger nail to developing information interactive systems that allow engineers on opposite sides of the world to collaborate effectively.

Together, our students and faculty address issues of importance to the community, industry and government and are encouraged to interact with corporations while driving the transfer of information technology from the research laboratory into the commercial sector.

I invite you to explore our Web site and learn more about us. I believe you will find that this is an exciting time to be a part of our school.I look forward to hearing from you!